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/ Installation

Luce distante. E lenta

Super 8mm film B/W and colour on DVD, sound, 8’ 30’’
Photographs on Baryta paper and Hahnemuele cotton paper
Dimensions variable

In this video, two voiceovers describing the universe try to define the cosmos in an unknown language translated in the subtitles, living the feeling of a documentary film, where scientific rigour and poetic imagination seem to coexist.


The mysterious language becomes a metaphor for that unsolved enigma the universe is to man, something that, though studied and analysed, always remains impenetrable exerting fascination and attraction; something far away yet close, familiar, like memory that has the power to bridge any distance, to make us perceive people and things we cannot see, because they are there in our recollection. The path stars draw in the sky finds a parallel in the journey life itself is to man, intertwined endless combinations, slow transformations, changes in time and space.


One of the voiceovers says: “A void in the middle of nowhere might mean some other stars will be born”. It is not sure, but it is possible.

Anna Musini

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