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Ineluttabile series
2018 - ongoing

graphite on paper
variable dimension 


Surveillance series
2019 - ongoing

graphite on paper
variable dimension 

Naturalia - Artificialia

Naturalia - Artificialia  series
2019 - ongoing

graphite on paper
variable dimension 

Urbanización de la memoria

Urbanization of memory series
2013 – 2014
drawings, pencil on paper
41 x 57 cm

The drawings that I present are nonexistent architectural landscapes. The images are ethereal and float in the void in the middle of the sheet. They are based on real buildings I’ve seen or imagined. Some of these places no longer exist or have changed over time. I try to reconstruct them based on my memories.

“In his small drawings, looking lost placed on the large paper formats, and wich challenge the visitor to the most precise observation, Felipe Aguila connects parts of buildings or stage drops, wich seem to float in a hinted urban space with catastrophes, events, abysses and shallows, wich lead the existing urban order ad absurdum. Here also combine memory, dream and reality in a poetic way”.

Katja Jedermann

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