Città impossibile – Il ponte dell’eco
Impossible city – Echo bridge
8mm B/W film on dvd
Subt. Eng/Ita

“Impossible city” is a metaphysic city. Changes its appearence through sounds and noises, making the orientation of those who live in hard. This city generates memories and thoughts that permeate throughout the urban fabric. Echo bridge is the name of this episode, the first of a series of short movies whose protagonist is a man who disappears under the reflection of this bridge.

“That day the city awoke beyond its concrete aspect / Sharpers rumors were the sounds of thoughts / Memories decanted forming hundreds of layers Staining walls, corners, streets and bridges / Architectural bodies gradually dressed this sediment / In that city feelings were manifested like reflected waves / Like water that floats over the arch of a bridge under the morning sun / Time had never been more indifferent to landscape’s problems / Space seemed to divide itself and time lies frozen on Its fragments / And suddenly everything disappeared”